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Your Soul has seeded the matrix with clues, connections, special places, people and events…all designed to trigger you into asking, questioning and exploring yourself and the world around you. Keith was initiated into all interactive levels of the “Matrix Consciousness” in May 2016 and is ready to support and expand all who are curious, questioning, and desiring to grow.

By activating pathways previously hidden within the matrix and your existing Chakra energy system, Keith opens you to clarity, simplicity, and empowers you into new levels of action and choice. Just as your soul designed it to be…

    What resonates for you?

    I want... deeper connections

    Strong foundations are essential when we connect deeply to another, to life, and to the world. We must stay centered and stable with our own magnificence and choices while weaving threads of authenticity and openness...


    I want... freedom

    We all find pleasure and satisfaction with life in different ways. This is what makes us unique and different. Having the courage and personal power to take action and set boundaries lays the platform for...


    I want... empowerment

    Surprisingly clarity, experience and knowledge, and the ability to choose are behind empowerment. Knowing what is deeply important to us, beyond attitudes, values and even beliefs opens us to...


    I want... deep love

    “All we need is love”…love is the force that brings life to everything and everyone. Being able to discern the many faces of love is essentialto maintaining a sense of safety, openness and trust. It is easy to...


    I want... expression

    Freedom to express who we are, our creativity, our truth and our desires lies within our ability not to judge others. As we free ourselves, and allow ourselves to be different, as we accept that no one will ever truly know us, we stop...


    I want…My future

    Imagination is the creative force that opens us to infinite possibilities available.Holding a dream or a vision of what could be, allows us to move into the unknown and opens the door to making...


    I want…more Trust

    Our ability to trust sets us free. As we test ourselves, and empower ourselves to trust, we open our ability to stretch, to embrace the unknown, and to feel secure in...


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    What People SayAbout Keith

    “…A retreat with Keith is like ‘Soul- Surgery’. It’s fast-track to deep-heart opening and personal growth.”

    James, Australia

    “…I have done many workshops, groups, and trainings over the years, but nothing as enlightening and empowering as the past week’s events with Keith.”Christine. Australia

    What People SayAbout Oogmaa Healing

    “Oogmaa for me has been eye opening, mind opening and heart opening. It's been personal development/spiritual growth with an ultra super charge turbo! Realisations, new clarity and aha moments every few days since. The most profound being that I've been able to stay in my heart in daily life for up to an hour, realising that previously it was only a few minutes max before I would creep back up to the mind.
    The more we open our hearts, the longer we can hang out there and be free of the pain that's all in our heads. We can see with our heart, think, speak, live from our heart. And this was just from an intro evening! Lol can't wait to see what an immersion day might reveal.”

    Alana, New Zealand

    “Had a magical time during the full day immersion with the Oogmaa energy here in Palmerston north on Sunday 19th. So much time spent in my heart space have given me more awareness of where and why I haven't yet been able to create the life and love that I 'know' is possible. I experienced pulling all the pieces of me and my heart that I was missing back to me.
    All the pieces of my heart that have been attached to hurts with other people, traumas and events, that I lost over the years in this lifetime and many others. I am feeling a sense of peace and space within me that I have been searching for. And a calmness with a sense of knowing that everything is ok regardless of what is currently going on in my life. Thank you Keith and Josephine. I look forward to our next time together. xx”
    Kirsty, New Zealand


    We are kindred souls committed to bringing more heart and love into the world. Josephine and I are travelling the world, living our dream, and sharing heart based teaching and connection with those on a similar path.

    When a group of us gather with conscious intent, the energy and individual experiences accelerate, lifting consciousness, and opening hearts.

    Your presence matters, your energy, your journey, your showing up with an open heart contributes to everyone’s experience. Come hang out with us sometime…or even host us, and share your experience with friends and loved ones.

    Love all ways,
    Keith and Josephine