Your Invitation

Your Invitation to grow beyond everything you know

You have 7 major power centers (also known as chakras). We call it a power center because this is where your Soul has set up all the powerful lessons, and all the powerful gifts that you have available to you here in physical form. It’s set up in such a way that this is where your life force and energetic flow comes from. Unlearnt lessons block this powerful flow and we become out of balance. To find balance and growth we have to free this powerful energy flow from our human limitations. To help us in this process, every person has one area of life where they are in natural flow and balance. It has been left for you by your Soul (your Higher Self, Source, or God, however you define it).

You are INVITED to find it…and to take this feeling…this ease…this timelessness…and this wonder and celebration – and apply it to every other part of your life.

Your soul has offered you this opportunity to powerfully embrace this gift left for you and to explore how you can celebrate this life force spiraling out in beautiful powerful waves. Sometimes a memory that you have carried over, or a hurt that you have experienced as a child is sitting like a plug disturbing the flow of your powerful life force. While still allowing you life, this partial block distorts and disturbs your energy creating ripples and surges in your expression. We can help you on any levels - to awaken, to go deeper, or even to have your first experience. We are here to support you …to extend to you beyond everything you know.

This is the INVITATION, given to you by your higher self and accepted by us in service. If this resonates for you please join us and make contact. We are here for you.