I want more Trust

Our ability to trust sets us free. As we test ourselves, and empower ourselves to trust, we open our ability to stretch, to embrace the unknown, and to feel secure in.. life in general.

Trust is both fragile and inherently strong, and the incorrect application can lead to many challenges and ultimately destroy the ability to trust. We all arrive into our human form with a innate trust that we are worthy of love, that we matter, that the world is a playground for us to explore and create within. Simply put… we arrive trusting anything is possible.

Unfortunately not everyone has experienced a supportive environment within their upbringing, and some have had dreams and hopes fall away. Some have even placed expectations and demands on others, life, and spirit, and been disappointed when they have not been met.

If we take responsibility for our engagement and actions with life, and develop discernment, then we develop a mature trust. Mature trust is like a muscle…It develops its strength and resilience over time and through use.

Trusting ourselves demands that we know ourselves first, and how we respond to a challenge. Trusting others demands that we learn boundaries, agreements, and the art of authentic communication. Trusting the Divine life force within us is the easiest of all. We see its evidence with every breath.
Trusting our self simply requires internal reflection.

I trust myself and I trust the Divine life force within you
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