I want…Freedom

We all find pleasure and satisfaction with life in different ways. This is what makes us unique and different. Having the courage and personal power to take action and set boundaries lays the platform for... a fulfilling life.

There is a powerful balance between the ability to say “Yes” and the ability to say “No”. This balance can be easily lost due to a subtle abuse of power hidden within caring and nurturing, schooling or an authoritarian environment. When out of balance this powerful creational power can turn inwards and make us resentful, angry and self destructive, finding fault in our self, others and life in general. Life is complex and often cannot be reduced to a simple yes or no…it's mostly a mixture of many contradictory components and desires. With the pressure of life, speed and external expectations, we often say yes or no too quickly…thus trapping ourselves in reaction and denying our own choices.

Having Freedom requires courage and a powerful desire to create experiences that uplift, challenge and expand us. This courage must empower us to say “Yes” more often… giving ourselves enough time and space to explore life’s possibilities. AND Our powerful desire for life must also support us saying “No” more often, gently and firmly as we preserve space and energy for our own creations to flower and develop.

…Lets unlock the authentic power within and set you on the path to personal freedom…
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