I want Expression

Freedom to express who we are, our creativity, our truth and our desires lies within our ability not to judge others. As we free ourselves, and allow ourselves to be different, as we accept that no one will ever truly know us, we stop.. trying to fit in to get acceptance from others. We set our selves free.

The right to speak and the impact of song on our emotions are linked. Our voice carries our vibration, our expression, to every cell within our body, and moving them into or out of alignment with our emotional landscape.

When people hide their truth and tell social lies we learn to distrust each other. If we do this to ourselves we distrust our own truth as not being worthy of expression…Speaking our truth and setting our vibration out into the world around us requires many new skills in a world accustomed to hiding and judging emotions.

This step of expression is very powerful and transforms every aspect of our physical existence and is best done with grace and gentleness. We only need to speak out load to our self to feel our own truth.

I will listen to your voice. I will gracefully hold space for you feel yourself more deeply. I will witness your magnificence.
What's Next?