I want…Deep Love

“All we need is love”…love is the force that brings life to everything and everyone. Being able to discern the many faces of love is essential
to maintaining a sense of safety, openness and trust. It is easy to...become confused as we encounter conditional versions of love, as our behavior, beliefs, ways of caring, and even how we express our love are judged.

This confusion can develop into a sense of hurt and self rejection, slowly closing our heart and our ability to offer and receive love.

Clarity and discernment is required to understand that conditional love is not about us, or the love we carry inside. Each of us carries the spark of the Divine Love within our Heart, ready to burst into light with the joy of being alive. As we embrace this light within and shine it outwards we see it reflected back from those capable of unconditional love. Those whose gaze is clouded and deflected may have forgotten, or rejected the love they carry deep within.

To have and to share Deep Love we bring forth our authentic self, the spark of the Divine within sustaining and rekindling the flame in others. We are never alone when we embrace our self. For some this is the journey towards embodiment, the anchoring of the Divine spark, and consciously accessing their Soul’s Purpose. It is also the opportunity to surrender to their Higher Self and become one with their Soul.

I invite you to join me. I will share the gifts and tools, experiences and wisdom I have personally experienced on my journey home.
What's Next?