About Keith

“Twenty-one years ago Divine Source visited me and changed my life.”Keith J. Mason
At the time this happened Keith was a self confessed work-a-holic who identified himself through his success, his business, his Porche and his Italian suits and designer watches.

The story of his dramatic and inspiring awakening to the “totality of all that he is” will be available soon in his new book.As Keith began to live his truth and connection with Divine Source, he travelled the world following his heart’s impulse and shared the beauty and mystery he was experiencing daily with those who came across his path.
“I was told be patient, you are here to learn. I was shown many mysteries and levels of consciousness, layers within the matrix, hidden consciousness, healing techniques and many other gifts. I found the darkness, I found the light, and I found projections, other civilizations and worlds beyond this world. I found flow and energy… “

Bringing Together

Keith believes that our individual and collective way forward is through a greater engagement with the innate wisdom of our Heart

...and our becoming comfortable with the metaphysical and spiritual worlds of energy.
“Every time I allow my core essence to awaken and lead my choices, magic appears. Mystery, coincidences and amazing experiences flow through me and from me.”
Keith brought 212 Ha of native bush, surrounded by one of New Zealand’s National Parks and established his retreat center, Discovery, where he lived off the grid for 10 years exploring his deep connection with Divine Source.People came and experienced the stillness, nature and deep wisdom and personal growth offered by his teachings, meditations, and healing work. Some stayed and immersed themselves into the heightened vortex for many years leaving to become teachers in their own right.

Keith brings his creative outlook, enthusiastic energy and a boundless belief in everyone’s potential to all he does and has helped thousands find the answer to their questions and transform their approach to, and satisfaction of, life through the expansion and wisdom of their heart.He has led workshops and retreats through the USA, Canada, Australia, UK and New Zealand.
“I am here to trust. To trust that if I separate myself a little from my human desires, needs, wants, fears and projections, that I will be held in the magnificent loving embrace of my own soul, my own higher self, my own aspect of Divine Source”. From this divine place I allow and recognize that spark of the Divine Source within all of life here on Earth - be it animal, aquatic, plant, planet or human. When I allow myself to fully embody this aspect of me – that I am a Divine being, I open the doorway for others to be so too. This is my truth, my mission, my journey, and my experience. I am the heart mechanic here to offer you an “Invitation” to awaken your heart, to the highest level possible, well beyond your current level of imagination and experience. “
Keith and Josephine are now travelling the world, holding workshops, sharing Keith’s story and experiences, and opening and expanding hearts and consciousness. He delights in extending his “Invitation” to all he meets, and standing alongside them as they too remember the “totality of all that they are”.